Who is Don H. Liu?

The Program is named after Don H. Liu, executive vice president, chief legal officer and corporate secretary for Target and a member of its executive leadership team, because of his longstanding commitment and dedication to supporting the Asian American legal community by mentoring a generation of Asian American lawyers as well as providing his unwavering support of AABANY, which has transformed the organization from a humble affinity bar association to one of the most respected bar associations in New York State.

Don is committed to developing meaningful, lifelong, mentoring relationships because he has benefitted from many mentors, without whom he would not have been as successful as he is today.

The opportunity for the Scholars to develop similar mentoring relationships is what makes this Program so unique and valuable.

One mentoring relationship of which Don is particularly proud involves an interviewee who was stuck in his car for eight hours after a job interview with him! Don explains,

While driving her [the interviewee] to the train station after we completed the interview, we ran into a major snowstorm and were stuck in my car together during the duration of the storm. When she wanted to come work for me after an eight hour ordeal in my car, I had to hire her. She came from a very humble background with a single parent family and endured very significant socioeconomic challenges as she was growing up. When she started her legal career, nobody in her family was in a position to advise her on office matters, let alone on corporate legal department challenges. But, she met those significant challenges successfully. As her mentor, I was able to relate to her challenges and her humble background in many ways. Therefore, I was able to guide and advise her more effectively. I am now so proud of the success she has achieved over the years, arriving at a general counsel position of her own. I am particularly proud of the fact that she attributes her success in part to my mentoring. We have been mentor/mentee, supporter/fan and friends for 15 years.

I believe this program can produce many such lifelong mentoring relationships.